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Edgar Baillie Ministries was established in the 1970’s after God performed a miracle in Edgar’s life.
While working on the construction of a church in California, flaming hot tar seared the flesh off of his right hand and left a 4 inch long hole in his left arm.  While Christians laid hands on Edgar and began to pray, he was miraculously healed by God in one second in front of 68 witnesses.  All of the burned off flesh was restored and he simultaneously received a healing and miracle ministry.  From that time Edgar operated in creative miracles, such as blind eyes opened, healing from paralysis, arthritis, cancer, obesity, and a new heart.  Edgar traveled all over the world evangelizing and sharing the love of Jesus until he went on to be with the Lord in 2016, at the age of 92.
Holly Baillie, Edgar’s wife had a radical encounter with Jesus at the age of 15. She continues the ministry by teaching the word of God which often releases emotional and physical healing, and at the same time equips the believer to walk in the fullness of God.  Holly operates in the gifts of prophecy, and in word of knowledge.  The spirit of wisdom abides inside her giving her fresh revelation of the Word bringing forth teachings and seminars which are life-changing to all who attend.  These teachings and seminars are recorded live and available in CD or MP-3 format – visit the store section at the top of this page.

God touched Holly’s heart one night and anointed her voice. As she leads worship a strong prophetic flow is released creating an atmosphere for intimacy with Jesus - taking many into the Holy of Holies.

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